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Roanoke Outside

Since its creation, RoanokeOutside.com has grown in reputation to be the go-to resource for outdoors enthusiasts in Southwest Virginia. But by 2014, it was time for a substantial facelift to stay relevant and keep users satisfied.

The end result is a highly dynamic, holistically modern website that is truly a portal to the region’s outdoor scene. The site serves both novice and expert outdoor enthusiasts equally by presenting geo-targeted (close to their physical location), in-depth access to trails, resources, restaurants, and more.

Outside On the Go
Fully Responsive Design
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The previous RoanokeOutside.com was considered mobile-compatible, but it didn’t scale perfectly to mobile devices. The Firefli team knew it was imperative to think as mobile-first as possible to best serve the website’s growing mobile audience and ensure an appropriate lifespan.

The new RoanokeOutside.com is fully responsive, meaning it displays accurately on any mobile device. Plus, we included custom integration with Google Maps to ensure a consistent wayfinding experience for users looking up trailheads, scouting camping sites, locating waterfalls, etc.

Find Your Path
Creating Adventures for Users

Southwest Virginia is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of varying interests and levels. As such, we needed to create user experience that was practical for both experts and novices.
Therefore, we implemented a powerful site search for experienced users who know what they’re looking for, as well as a Create An Adventure tool for novices who need some help finding itineraries of activities that fit their interests and experience level.

Fully Scheduled
Centralized Event Hub

The Roanoke region has tons of outdoor events – marathons, rock climbing, paddleboard yoga, and even a festival dedicated to the outdoors. The Firefli team knew the importance of creating an easy to use event module, so we created a tagging system that matches up to the activity structure that is the backbone of the site navigation. So when you visit the Mountain Biking page, you’ll find events that include mountain biking. Plus, users can also submit events to add to the RoanokeOutside.com calendar – so get to posting!

Project Wrap Up

01 Plan

  • Analytics
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design

02 Build

  • UI & Development
  • Custom CMS

03 Grow

  • Website Optimization