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Strategy, Design & Development

CiBo Technologies

As tech startups go, CiBO Technologies is a company based in Cambridge, Mass. that just happens to be on the forefront of computational agronomy. Don't know what "computational agronomy" means? Yeah, join the club. But through collaborative discovery (and some good old fashioned learning), Firefli managed to create a digital platform to explain CiBO's mission, and how its suite of technology has the potential to change the world (here's a hint: they create technolgy that analyzes and predicts agricultural trends).

Define and Differentiate
Dynamic Visualization of Computational Agronomy
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CiBO’s expertise is both hyper-niche and extremely complex. While it’s safe to assume that the intended audiences are well-versed on agriculture and sustainability, Firefli recommended a means of visually explaining just what computational agronomy is.

The result is an interactive experience that demonstrates the intersection of science and technology that CiBO has developed into a powerful suite of software products.

Cultivated Storytelling
Connecting Insights to Solutions

At its core, CiBO Technologies is centered around creating outcomes with custom technology. When it comes to agriculture, these outcomes could mean sustainable food to feed future generations. But how do you tell that future-facing story in the present? By showcasing the connection between CiBO’s insight and actual, real-world outcomes.

Project Wrap Up

01 Plan

  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Direction
  • UX Design

02 Build

  • UI & Development
  • Custom CMS

03 Grow

  • Search Engine Optimization