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Integrated Digital Campaigns

Carilion Clinic

Carilion Clinic has been a leader in not only Roanoke's blooming economy, but in the advancement of healthcare and healthcare technologies throughout western Virginia. As one of our longest partner relationships, we have built various integrated digital campaigns to position Carilion as such.

With a strategic mixture of landing pages, digital campaign management, and social media reporting, we have helped Carilion cement their reputation as one of the top healthcare providers in southwest Virginia and grown various extensions of their services.

Planting Seeds
2017 "System" Campaign
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In early 2017, Carilion launched a new system-wide campaign with the intent of introducing a different tone and feeling than previous advertising efforts. The TV spot, which first aired on Super Bowl Sunday, did just that. It’s uplifting, authentic, and obviously grounded in southwest Virginia.

Firefli was tasked with creating a campaign landing page that would house the new commercial, as well as provide a platform for extending the campaign message.

It's Happening Here
Nursing Recruitment Campaign
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Though surprising to some, there is actually a troublesome shortage of nurses nationwide. As a clinic with 7 hospitals, numerous outpatient facilities, and primary care practices throughout western Virginia, nurses comprise a large portion of Carilion’s approximately 13,000 employees. However, with constant demand and limited supply, Carilion is currently feeling the nursing shortage crunch. That’s where Firefli stepped in.

Per Carilion’s request, Firefli devised a digital advertising strategy that included a custom landing page meant to streamline the job application for nurses. Within days of launch, the campaign began to garner a significant number of potential applicants.

New Service, New Look
Carilion Cosmetics Campaign

The introduction of Carilion Cosmetics signaled a new, retail-driven type of service offering for the organization. As such, awareness and understanding of the cosmetic practice has been an issue to this point.

In 2016, Firefli was asked to introduce a new digital campaign that incorporated a custom, education-first landing page. The rationale was for the landing page to serve as a funnel for new patients that would first allow them to learn more about the practice and its care providers.

To date, Google pay-per-click and social media advertising have produced solid click-through rates and a growing list of leads.

Project Wrap Up

01 Plan

  • Campaign Strategy

02 Build

  • Landing Page Development
  • User Interface Development
  • Custom Wordpress Integration

03 Grow

  • Campaign Optimization
  • Reporting