New Name, New Platform

Strategy, Design & Development


In early 2017, HA&W, Georgia’s largest full-service, CPA-led business advisory firm, became Aprio. As part of the rebrand, the firm required a modern website to serve as its digital front door. True to its "passion for what's next", the Aprio website was envisioned to be distinctive from its industry competitors in both design and content strategy.

The result is an intuitive user experience that changes the paradigm for how potential clients think about accountant/business advisory firms.

Launching a Brand Website
Showcasing "What's Next"
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A primary goal in the Aprio brand launch was clearly displaying the diverse set of services the firm offers on the homepage. But rather than just embedding a standard list of services, the Firefli created a way to put the focus on the user’s needs. The result is a visually appealing, functionally dynamic module that displays the continuum of services in an engaging way.

The user is presented with the question “What’s next for you?”, and then sees a row of actions (with associated icons) that opens to provide further context and deeper links to each service. The actions/services displayed can be curated individually — meaning that either traffic data or business needs can dictate these highly prioritized calls to action in the future.

Visualized Advisement
Dynamic People Section
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At Aprio, the people and their industry-specific expertise are what make the company. Clearly, the “People” section is of utmost importance because it is where users go to vet Aprio’s advisors and find how to contact them.

One of the foundational goals of the new website was to create a highly dynamic “People” section that integrates authored content with bios and ultimately funnels users towards related services. With the assistance of some excellent photography, the new People page is truly a visual rolodex of Aprio’s trusted advisors. It offers “quick-glance” functionality, as well as seamless integration with other vital areas of the site.

Trusted Expertise
Intersection of Advisors & Authored Content
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Aprio relies on its advisors’ proven expertise and insights as funnels toward lead generation. To capitalize on these assets, Firefli created a website that dynamically connects advisors and their original content about a variety of industries. In short, whether users arrive on site via an article, a bio, or a service page, they should know who can serve their needs, how they’ll do it, and how to get in touch.

Project Wrap Up

01 Plan

  • Analytics
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design

02 Build

  • UI & Develpment
  • Custom CMS

03 Grow

  • Website Optimization