User Experience (UX) Design

We are dedicated to partnering with clients to find solutions that engage and excite stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization. While working with us, you can expect to collaborate on the look and flow of your website to make sure it gets the brand spark you’re looking for.

User Journeys

User journeys, or “user maps” as they’re sometimes called, help brands analyze and project a user’s flow through a website by exploring different stakeholder personas that your business serves. We believe that a quality website, based on research and user testing, should cater to the expectations of the user and funnel them through a seamless path to reach a desired action.

Sitemaps and Information Architecture

Sitemaps and information architecture govern the order and flow of information that guides a user’s journey. With the help of website analytics, a comprehensive content audit, and SEO planning, we can plan the structure of your website to guide audiences to what they’re seeking and what you want them to find.


Similar to blueprints of a house, our wireframes demonstrate user flow and overall layout of your website. We value true partnerships with clients, so we take pride in thoroughly walking them through this integral step of the process.