Client Spotlight It Takes the Valley to Live United

Fun fact:

Ol’ Greg got his start in the communications department at the United Way of Roanoke Valley and John started his professional journey in design as an intern there way-back-when.

Not So Fun Fact:

Due to a decline in charitable giving in our Valley, over 13,000 local residents are at risk of losing the support services that are funded by the United Way’s Community Impact Fund.

Over the years, the Fireflies have built a special relationship with United Way through various volunteer opportunities, donations, and projects, but this project is unmatched in passion and importance. Greg currently sits on the Board of Directors as the Marketing & Communications Committee chair and was recently charged with the challenge of working with local leaders across the Valley to establish an emergency fundraising campaign to close a $1 million funding gap.

The result:

Many can instantly recognize the theme’s nod to the age old saying – “It takes a village to raise a child.” This concept is clearly put into action by the Community Impact Fund that the United Way manages. This fund collects and distributes the money needed to keep after school programs running for our local youth, to continue to bring services like Meals-On-Wheels to the doors of local seniors, and to provide social services and support to families facing poverty and potential homelessness.

A recent budget meeting revealed an extensive gap in the patterns of charitable giving that the United Way typically depends on. This gap could eliminate 17 key programs that support those in need in our Valley. Furthermore, it could cause 30 more programs to limit the specialty support they provide to the public. Overall, this puts everyone who depends on these programs at risk of losing the support they need to live a happy, healthy life.

The Valley Village People

Projects like these cannot be successful with the support of a single committee. It takes the brilliant minds of experts from all perspectives and business sectors to come together to produce meaningful, engaging content that inspires an entire community to reach out their hand and give.

Working alongside the passionate team at the United Way, we had the privilege of teaming up with local leaders to develop a clear direction for providing content that provides a deep impact on the empathy of an already generous community. Our gracious friend, photographer, and videographer, Sam Dean worked relentlessly to craft three moments of clarity into the daily lives of people that will be affected by this funding gap.

You can hear the rest of their stories and make a donation at At this time, we have raised $50,655 and only have a few more days to make it count. So join us in living united and show your support today.

photo credit: Sam Dean Photography