News We’re Hiring a Front-end Developer!

Firefli is looking for the right individual to join our team as a specialized front-end developer.

We approach problems with a “what’s possible” mindset, and your development expertise is a key component. As someone who builds fast and responsive digital products, your primary responsibility is to implement design solutions that delight and excite our clients (and their users).

Who Should Apply?

The ideal candidate should have 5-7 years of combined education and work experience. You’ll need expert-level HTML/CSS/JS skills and the ability to work in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team.

To be successful in this role, you must:

  • be an expert in today’s HTML/CSS/JS principles and recommended practices
  • be able to juggle multiple projects in a fast-paced, deadline-sensitive environment
  • take your work more seriously than yourself
  • know what it takes to make a digital product accessible and fast
  • understand that feedback is part of every project
  • communicate ideas clearly to internal and external team members
  • be able to craft products by hand without a framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation
  • enjoy coming to work every day
  • be a productive and complimentary member of a multi-disciplinary team that explores problems from a variety of perspectives
  • at least 5-7 years of combined applicable experience and education

The person chosen for this position will:

  • implement design solutions for a wide variety of digital products, such websites and emails
  • translate layout and behavior of a design into a modular system
  • have an organized approach to your CSS structure that allows you to write DRY styles
  • be at home with ES6+
  • work comfortable in a UNIX terminal
  • regularly use bundlers and/or task runners as part of your workflow
  • collaborate closely with team members to uncover solutions that solve our clients’ objectives and goals
  • write code for modern browsers, but not be scared of IE11 when it’s necessary
  • have experience with a Git workflow

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