Swarm Culture Greg’s Moment of Zen: Why We Never Stop Learning

If you’re like most of us, your to-do list never seems to get conquered. You run from one appointment to another, hoping that more hours in the day may magically appear; or better yet, perhaps literally three of you might manifest right before your eyes – with your body-doubles simply knocking out the remaining items left to do. Good luck with those by the way.

One item that notoriously gets pushed down in priority is perpetual workplace learning. This is perplexing, as we live in a world experiencing breathtaking change. Combined with competitive pressures, talent recruitment and retainment, disruptive technologies, etc., it’s quite easy to find oneself becoming obsolete in a relatively short period of time.

This is especially true in the digital space we work in here at Firefli – and why we’ve committed to an ongoing employee series we nerdily call, “NerdU”. The concept is simple: each team member gets a turn at bringing relevant industry information, trends, hacks that the crew as a whole might benefit from. There’s no pressure to create elaborate presentations or exhausting PowerPoint slides. Snacks are brought in (and perhaps a beverage or two) and we simply have fun at the end of a day talking through and discussing how we can improve each other and our company.

Personally, I know I’ve learned a thing or two from the incredibly smart talent I’m privileged to work alongside of. The best part is that I find our sessions increase employee engagement and even makes us a little bit closer as a family. When you think about it, workplace learning should be a part of an organization’s culture. It demonstrates a commitment to your employees and illustrates the value your company places on continual growth and improvement.

Just another reason why I’m proud to be called a Firefli.