Swarm Culture Firefli Glowlight: Jeremy Basham, UXMaster Flex

Jeremy Basham, User Experience Guru, Most Likely to Sing A Song About Nothing

Jeremy is a proud native of Roanoke and one of our many Virginia Tech graduates. He’s a fan of all things creative including, but not limited to, music, architecture, and digital design. As a #FirefliNerd, Jeremy loves waking up every day knowing that he can go into work and find a fun, supportive environment that encourages pushing one another outside of the box, and still fit in an afternoon workout. Most importantly, he knows he will be held responsible for serenading the team in times of stress and brewing afternoon pots of coffee. Consistency is key.

Why You Want Jeremy Designing Your Site…

Jeremy has a knack for channeling his competitive nature towards pushing the boundaries of concepts and designs, challenging his teammates to continuously seek out and implement new trends and design solutions. Because Firefli serves a variety of industries, he’s keen on identifying the cleanest and simple solutions for your audiences. He won’t be satisfied until the magic happens. In this way, the glow of Firefli is left on every project we complete.

If Jeremy had his own blog…

He would likely just be on YouTube singing original songs and sharing his favorite workout routines.

How to be Cool like Jeremy…

Wake up and watch a Gary Vaynerchuck video or follow a Shortcut to Shred workout

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